Disney has finally released a synopsis for this summer’s Solo: A Star Wars Story, detailing that, amongst other things, we will see how Han Solo met his loveable, hairy co-pilot, Chewbacca.

The Star Wars spinoff has had a rough ride to the silver screen, with a sudden change of director, and a huge amount of reshoots – however, Lucasfilm still has a massive amount of confidence in the project, planning to release in May. A busy month at the box office, Solo will face some serious competition during its release.

Unusually, though the Solo’s release is little over four months away, the studio is yet to release any marketing materials. However, fans have now been treated to a tease of the film’s story in a summary of the plot, in a Disney press kit, covering their releases for the next year.

Though it didn’t contain any kind of first look at Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo (or anything else from the film itself, for that matter) there was a short synopsis:

“Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far, far away in “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” an all-new adventure with the most beloved scoundrel in the galaxy. Through a series of daring escapades deep within a dark and dangerous criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his mighty future co-pilot Chewbacca and encounters the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian, in a journey that will set the course for one of the Star Wars saga’s most unlikely heroes.”

Solo is set to expand the Star Wars universe to showcase the seedy galactic underworld that Han was a part of in his youth, and much like Rogue One, Ron Howard’s film has the potential to enhance aspects of the original trilogy.

However, we find Disney’s lack of faith in Solo, disturbing. With almost no marketing for the film, even die-hard Star Wars fans are sceptical of its prospects, and the more casual audience may not even know that the release is so near. The studio will have to work hard in order to build enthusiasm for this film, though given it is a Star Wars movie, they probably won’t have too much trouble.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is slated for release on May 25th.

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