Women have quickly become a staple of the superhero genre, but now it seems that the movie industry will see its first plus-size superhero in the form of Valiant ComicsFaith.

Faith Herbert, an excitable lover of comics and science fiction, also has telekinetic superpowers and the comic marked an important step forward in making the genre more inclusive, as we often find that characters in comics rarely have realistic proportions.

After making her debut in 1992, Faith was made a member of the Harbinger team, and her realistic appearance made her popular enough to receive her own comicbook series. Able to fly and levitate objects in her “companion field” she doesn’t brood as many other heroes do, as she’s actually quite a jovial young woman. Currently, the series is written by Jody Houser, with art from Francis Portela and Marguerite Sauvage, and sees the titular character move to LA and take on a secret identity as a reporter.

Sony are working on a live-action version of Faith, hiring American Gods’ Maria Melnik to write the script.

More on the project as we have it.


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