Sony‘s PSVR released late 2016 to great success. The headset was praised for being surprisingly competent considering its much lower price tag when compared to its competitors. While the hardware itself was solid, the headset’s reliance on PlayStation Move controllers for its hand tracking left a lot to be desired.

It seems Sony are looking to upgrade the now nearly 8 year old peripheral according to a new patent filed which depict updated motion controllers. The controllers shown in the patent below feature a hand strap as well as sticks, presumably to better control player movement. There also seems to be a substantial increase in buttons on the device. The sticks look more akin to a shorter joystick than what we see on the Dualshock 4 and the whole thing resembles more of a gun shape with a trigger and grip.

Since launch Sony have continued to support their fledgling headset bringing big budget experiences such as Farpoint, Resident Evil 7 and Batman to the platform. Recently they started to include VR games as part of their PS Plus lineup. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Rigs and Starblood Arena have all been free to download so far. Games continue to be released every week ranging from ports of Oculus and HTC Vive games to original content. Given that Sony have previously likened its PSVR headset as being on par with PS1 in terms of a starting point it is likely we will see a new iteration sooner rather than later.

2017 was PSVR’s first full year on the market and brought with it a stellar library of games. You can read our top 5 PSVR games which released last year here, and be sure to stay tuned to see if these patents do in fact lead to a PlayStation Move 2. Check out the patents in the image below.


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