The female lead in Sony’s Morbius film will reportedly be a character named Martine Bancroft – the titular vampire’s fiancée.

In June of this year, Sony announced that they are developing a film based on the antihero Morbius the Living Vampire, to be played by actor and musician Jared Leto. The film will reportedly begin production in November, just a month after the studio’s Spider-villain franchise launches with Venom.

The latest news surrounding Morbius has suggested that we now have confirmation of the film’s female lead. According to That Hashtag Show, the leading lady of Morbius will be a character named Martine Bancroft, the titular character’s fiancée in the comic books.

Bancroft was created by Gil Kane and Roy Thomas back in 1971, and made her debut in Amazing Spider-Man #102. In this comic, there was a flashback sequence which revealed Morbius’ history as he struggled to find a cure for his rare blood disease – something he kept secret from his fiancée, not even revealing to her his experiments.

Martine was suitably shocked to find out about Morbius’ condition when he turned himself into a vampire, and she found his first victim. Her story would see many twists and turns over the years, but eventually, she was turned into a vampire as well, becoming a central character in the 1970s comic book series, Adventures Into Fear.

It makes sense for Martine Bancroft to be Morbius’ leading lady, as she is a central part of his story, adding a much-needed human element to Michael Morbius’ tragic journey, as her love for him gives him a desire to be human again.

If this rumour is correct, it will be interesting to see how Sony tackle her character, as over the years, Martine has had many changes to her character, going from human to vampire, and from friend to foe.

More on Morbius when we have it.

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