This big Marvel week is getting better by the day – after the release of a new Captain Marvel trailer on Tuesday, the promise of an Avengers 4 trailer coming this Friday (after being pushed back due to the funeral of former President Bush) it has been revealed that this weekend will see the release of the first Spider-Man: Far From Home teaser.

Marvel insiders have been spreading the word about Far From Home’s trailer release, and according to sources (who have been proven reliable before now) the teaser is set to arrive at some point on Saturday.

In information was revealed by DanielRPK, who earlier this week was the person behind the Captain Marvel/Avengers 4 trailer leak information, as well as Slash Film writer Peter Sciretta, both of whom have been proven right in the past.

Following his dusty departure in Infinity War, it will be interesting to see how Spider-Man’s (and the other heroes) fate is dealt with in both the Avengers 4 trailer and the Far From Home teaser.

If this is indeed true, this week is certainly a busy one for Marvel fans, with a lot of early Christmas presents heading our way.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently set for release on July 5th, 2019.

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