Spider-Man PS4 debuted a story trailer at San Diego Comic Con, which highlighted Norman Osborn, as well as introducing Silver Sable – a character who is key in the comics, and one of the protagonists of the upcoming Sony film, Silver & Black.

From Insomniac Games, the PS4 exclusive is already set to be the biggest Spider-Man game to date, taking place in an open world setting. Players will take part in an original Marvel story, involving Peter Parker battling some of his most iconic foes, such as Vulture, the Rhino, the Shocker, and Scorpion. The game also connects to the larger Marvel universe, containing references to the Avengers, Black Panther and Doctor Strange – and now it seems that another villain will join the roster.

The new story trailer for Spider-Man gives fans a better look at what’s in store for Peter Parker, Miles Morales and Mary Jane Watson. We get some snippets of Spidey fighting Rhino, Vulture, Mr. Negative and more, but it shines a spotlight on Norman Osborn and introduces Silver Sable, who has been sent by Osborn to capture the hero.

For the most part, the character design for Silver Sable is comic book accurate, with some minor changes, but from the look of things, she will serve as a boss in the game. Since the character isn’t necessarily a villain, we may see her switch sides at a later point in the game, which would line up with the character’s comic book arc.

One of the biggest reveals from the footage is that it seems Norman Osborn will be the game’s main villain, with a vendetta against our hero, which sees him declare Spider-Man an “enemy of the people.” However, we don’t actually see Osborn’s alter-ego the Green Goblin, which could mean that he will be employing other villains to stand in Spider-Man’s way as the game’s bosses – and he himself will appear as the final big boss as the Green Goblin.

Spider-Man is released for PS4 on September 7th.

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