With a new trailer.

The Saw franchise is being revived once more, but this time with a fresh new take starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson – a possibly even a new tormentor in place of the series’ iconic villain Jigsaw.

Rock plays Detective Banks, the unlucky prisoner of this film – however, the trailer doesn’t begin with this. Instead, Spiral chooses to kept its Saw influences hidden until the very end.

The trailer itself revolves around a cop killer who paints some very familiar spirals at the scene of every murder he commits. Without Jigsaw around, it seems another has taken his place.

Around this there is a very Seven feel to the story, especially when Banks received a hand-wrapped gift, however as well as this there are a number of things in the trailer which seem a little all over the place – speeding trains, masked men, and a return to how the whole franchise began: a bathroom, a chain, and of course, a saw.

While Samuel L. Jackson is in the film, his presence in the trailer is limited. Could this perhaps be because Jackson is the cop killer? Or is he just another officer on the hunt for the now-trapped Banks? Either way, it seems that this film may just be the breath of fresh air the somewhat stale horror franchise needs to entertain its fans once more.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw is set for release on May 15th, 2020.

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