Marvel titan Stan Lee is back with a new comedic series, entitled Work Force, which depicts the zany lives of Lee and his team of superhero employees.

Lee has teamed up with Pow! Entertainment are set to debut the new episodic series on twice a week, starting this week, with new chapters being released every Tuesday and Thursday.

Work Force isn’t your average comic book, as it follows the fantastical adventures of heroes within an office setting, producing hilarious stories that are enjoyable for a wide audience. In this unconventional workplace, everything from a sentient copier to an interdimensional attack is normality.

This release follows Lee dropping a $1 billion lawsuit against Pow! last week during what’s been a fairly turbulent time for the former Marvel boss, after allegations of elder abuse were made against his daughter and her associates.

However, it seems that the 95-year-old is much happier at the moment, as he released a video on his social media to thank fans and friends for their support and to assure them that he is doing much better:

The first instalment of Stan Lee’s Work Force is out now.

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