Publisher Chorus Worldwide and the tiny (as in only two people work there) British indie studio 1CC Games, have released a space-age, retro-styled shoot ‘em up called Star Hunter DX on Steam and Nintendo Switch, with Playstation 4 and Xbox One due to see the game later in the year. And, it looks a lot of fun!

We play as the main character Luna Starr, a former Space Pirate Captain, on her quest for vengeance against the crew who betrayed her. Now, she is a bounty hunter with wrongs she needs to put right on her intergalactic adventure destroying bad guys in all shapes and sizes. You can also play as CAT-99 and Edgar who each have their own play style in this fast-paced game as you cross the universe to face up against 50 types of enemies, each with their own attack pattern and weapons.

The game is presented in a gorgeous, brightly coloured pixel art style, with character design inspired by 80s cartoons. Old school shoot em up fans will enjoy the classic elements of the game, which will allow them to perfect and hone their skills in the game, and newcomers to the genre will appreciate the Practice Mode, that will let them learn how to play and improve in a fun, dynamic way.

There will be a collector’s edition for Windows PC from HUEY Games that will see the game packaged on a retro-inspired USB cassette. Switch players are informed that there will be a patch to download on release that fixes some bugs.

Star Hunter DX is now available for $14.99 / £10.99 / €11.99 / JPY1500.

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