Jon Paul Steuer, the first actor to play Alexander Rozhenko in Star Trek: The Next Generation has tragically passed away at the age of 33, reports Williamette Week. The child star was famed for his role as the son of Worf, but quit acting at the age of 12 after his experience on the sitcom, Grace Under fire. Loyal trekkers have been flooding the internet with emotional tributes to the late performer, often in Klingon, referencing StoVoKor all over the place, as one would expect. Star Trek Online tweeted: “Rest in Peace, Jon Paul Steuer, the first actor to play Alexander in TNG. You will be deeply missed.”

Since the Mid-Noughties, Steuer has been better known as Jonny P. Jewels, the frontman of the Portland-based Ramones-esque punk band, Soda Pop Kids. The band broke up in 2009; but at the time of his death he had been performing with Oregon Punk band, P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S., who wrote “We’ve lost our singer, but far, far more than that we’ve lost a friend. Rest in peace, Jonny…we love you.”

Cause of death is yet to be confirmed, but we’ll keep you posted as and when the information presents itself.

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