Star Trek has been on screens in one way or another through the years, but their often contradictory stories make it difficult to fit all the iterations together in a way that makes fans happy. And Star Trek executive producer Alex Kurtzman doesn’t think that will change.

At New York Comic Con earlier this month, Digital Spy spoke with Kurtzman specifically about the issues with continuity, and he admitted that these discrepancies between the numerous franchise productions cannot be avoided.

“Everybody is always trying to maintain continuity,” he explained, “But given the 50 plus years of Star Trek, it literally becomes impossible because people decide that they want to follow a character in a book series after the show has been cancelled, and so they’ll invent stories. […] And then 15 years later, a new show will come on that will take that character back and you can’t be consistent with everything. Our goal is always to try, always, always to try and never to negate what has existed in the novels and graphic novels but it is a literal impossibility.”

He continued, “[Part] of what has kept Trek going for so long is everyone’s wonderful imagination to keep writing books and keep making graphic novels and keep making shows. And at a certain point, given the volume of things that are out there it’s just impossible for everything to sync up perfectly. So we give it our best effort.”

It’s understandable that having so many different writers, directors, and actors involved in the franchise over the last half a century, that certain things won’t line up. And if it hasn’t been fixed by now, it never will be, so maybe we should just enjoy each Star Trek offering as it comes and try not to focus too much on the various discrepancies.

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