Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery is underway, and now the drama has confirmed that Inhumans star Anson Mount will be joining the cast in the fan-favourite role of Christopher Pike.

Predecessor of Captain Kirk, Pike was originally played by Jeffrey Hunter in the un-aired pilot on which Star Trek: Discovery was partly based, although subsequently the character was reimagined, with Sean Kenney portraying a heavily-scarred version of Pike in a futuristic chair. In J.J. Abrams’ big-screen adaptations, the character was played by Bruce Greenwood, who borrowed from both of the former iterations.

The Season 1 finale of Discovery saw the titular vessel receiving a distress call from the U.S.S. Enterprise, though there was no mention of what the ship’s emergency was. The show’s producers have yet to confirm if Season 2 will see us board the iconic ship, or meet Michael’s adoptive brother Spock, serving under Pike.

Recently, Discovery seemed to confirm that the Starfleet organisation “Section 31” would be playing a major role in the second season, as a deleted scene from the finale saw the mirror universe’s Philippa Georgiou called up to join their ranks.

More on Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery when we have it.

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