Star Trek: Discovery’s first half will end this months, and as expected, fans will have to wait until the new year to find out what happens next. However, it won’t be a very long wait.

Set roughly a decade before the original series, Discovery follows disgraced Starfleet officer, Michael Burnham, who is assigned to serve on the USS Discovery when a war breaks out between the Federation and the Klingons.

When the show’s September release date was announced, it was revealed that season one would be split into two ‘chapters’ – the second of which will begin with episode 10, “Despite Yourself” which airs on January 7th next year.

Chapter 2 is made up of the season’s remaining six episodes, ending on February 11th. According to CBS, the second half of the season will find the crew of the USS Discovery in “unfamiliar territory”, where they have to get creative about finding a way home.

After this second chapter is over, however, the wait for a second season will be a bit longer, as CBS have only recently announced Star Trek: Discovery’s renewal, and that announcement did not come with any more details, such as a release date, or number of episodes.

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