It’s been a rocky road even to get here. From losing the brilliant Bryan Fuller (a huge creative blow to production) to having several changes in the release date, Star Trek: Discovery has been worryingly unsteady in its creation. But there’s finally a new trailer and it is perhaps a relief to see the words “Production has started”, along with the reassuring decision to add behind-the-scenes production clips.

The teaser does what the new movies have managed to do well: pay sufficient homage to Gene Roddenberry’s legacy while also showing us something new. In light of recent events, Roddenberry’s future is more desperately needed than ever, and his vision of compassion, equality and courage in the face of tyranny is apt almost everywhere in the world right now.

discovery chair

Not all of the new things hit the mark. There is still some scepticism about the ship design (it still looks somewhat like a Warbird) and the first look at the new Captain’s chair honestly does look like something out of a fancy office-space store, but the first glimpses of a new era of Star Trek are always exciting.

The uniform looks sufficiently sleek and the logo has been fixed to get rid of the impractical gap, leaving a sensible indent in the insignia instead. It is very similar to the Original Series insignia (which ties the timeline quite neatly, given that this new show takes place slightly before Kirk’s time with the Enterprise) but it’s the small practical fixes to the design that prove that, at least, the show is progressing in its production. Of course, it’s a very fleeting first look (and avid fans will be debating until the next trailer the particulars of the uniform’s design) but it’s relatively promising so far.

star trek discovery uniforms

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