There’s been another Stargate project in the pipeline for a while now, but since the teaser for Stargate: Origins was released at San Diego Comic-Con this year, it seems that now rumours are becoming reality.

And while we don’t yet have a release for Stargate: Origins, it’s still happening. In a new update from the franchise’s official streaming platform – Stargate Command – they have released a behind-the-scenes look at Origins. This shows off some of the settings and cast members from the new digital prequel series. Throughout, there is a vaguely Egyptian theme, meaning that there is a good chance that the scenes are set on Abydos if the characters aren’t actually running around Egypt.

What has already been revealed about the series is that it will be extremely different from the previous shows, like SG-1, Atlantis and Universe – so don’t expect anything like that. So far, it seems that Origins will be a digital-only series that’s exclusive to Stargate Command, and the series will be ten episodes, each ten minutes long.

In essence, the story is that of a prequel, which sees a young Catherine Langford (Ellie Gall), the daughter of the professor who first discovered the Stargates, Dr. Paul Langford (Connor Trinneer) – we don’t know much else, but the video does imply that Catherine will spend a significant amount of time in this Egyptian setting.

Stargate: Origins is scheduled to debut sometime later this year, and while there’s no official release, there isn’t much of this year left, so it can’t be far off.

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