From a hero to a villain

Arrow star Stephen Amell has secured a new leading role now the CW’s superhero drama is approaching its eighth and final season.

Amell will headline the forthcoming Starz hourlong drama, Heels, set in the outrageous world of professional wrestling. With the actor on board, the project has finally received a greenlight and an eight-episode order, securing at least a first season for this wrestling drama.

Heels is about the men and women of small town pro wrestling, and set in a close-knit Georgia community, the series follows a family-owned wrestling promotion as two brothers and rivals – one played by Amell – go to war over their late father’s legacy. In the ring one person is the good guy, and the other is their nemesis, the heel, but in reality these characters aren’t all they appear to be.

Amell stars as Jack Spade, the charismatic villain, a.k.a. heel, of the Duffy Wrestling Association – but in the real world Jack is the DWA’s hard-working owner, a husband and a father trying to make ends meet while realising that this fight for his dreams may be impossible after all.

He “has the mind of an artist in the body of a warrior and a Steve Jobs-ian need for perfection — and for control. He says he’ll do whatever it takes to build the DWA into an empire. Will he go so far as to risk his marriage or his relationship with his brother?”

A huge fan of wrestling, Amell has already featured on WWE a few times, facing wrestler Cody Rhodes in the ring during a “feud”, before Rhodes then joined the cast of Arrow as criminal Derek Sampson.

Following the announcement of Amell’s role in Heels, the actor reached out to Rhodes on Twitter, inviting him to join the show:

More on Heels when we have it.

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