A new promo for the second season of Stranger Things explores Hawkins’ rotting pumpkin mystery, and how it might be connected to Will.

Stranger Things’ first season left us with a lot of mysteries yet to be solved, and viewers are hoping that Season 2 will be able to shed some light on them. The Upside Down is spilling into the real world, and Eleven is back, bringing threats from the other side with her – as will Will, it seems, whose connection to the shadow land looks to be a major part of Season 2.

The final trailer for the season seems to focus a lot on Will’s troubles and those investigating him – could he be tied to the problems Hawkins is now facing?

The show’s Twitter account posted a new clip for Season 2, which further explores the rotting pumpkin mystery that has previously been teased in the SDCC trailer, along with Hopper’s character poster, which puts the Sheriff in a field full of rotted gourds, carrying through the Halloween theme.


Between an arcade commercial and a science special on the nature of fear, a news report about the rotting pumpkins is likely the first nod to the danger the residents of Hawkins are facing in Season 2. During the fear special, we see a number of clips of Will. Likely the biggest part of the plot this season will be about what exactly happened to Will in the Upside Down and the side effects of his time there. It’s already been hinted that he is connected to the shadow monster terrifying the town, so perhaps there is a larger, almost plague-like affect sweeping over the town.

However, with the prospect of Stranger Things going on for another two or three seasons after Season 2, we might not be getting any answers soon.

Stranger Things returns on October 27th.

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