It’s less than a week until Stranger Things Season 2 comes to Netflix, and the soundtrack and new poster have been released – as if we needed to be any more excited for it’s return.

Done in a style reminiscent of ‘80s movie posters, Netflix has released a brand-new poster for Season 2 of Stranger Things, uniting many of the elements that will no doubt appear in the upcoming episodes. The main characters, as well as Hawkins’ new arrivals are all gathered in the centre, underneath the sinister glow of Eleven and the shadowy monster from the Upside Down.


We see the shadow monster at the top, and the rotting pumpkins below, surrounding the cast (minus Sean Astin’s Bob). The presence of Eleven looming large underneath the shadow monster also points to a likely connection between the two. Other noticeable additions include the arcade sign, wrapped in a little of the Upside Down – as well as a scarecrow and a car’s headlights, which may or may not be relevant, as they could just be some “spooky” things to add in for the Halloween theme.

Along with the new poster, is the release of this season’s soundtrack on Spotify. As with Season 1, the score comes courtesy of Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of band S U R V I V E, bringing their signature synth-wave sound to the spookily retro show.

In the run up to Season 2’s release, it’s likely this won’t be the end of their promotion, so there will probably be a lot more cool stuff heading our way!

Stranger Things 2 arrives on Netflix, October 27th.

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