Telltale Games have announced that a Stranger Things game for consoles and computers is currently in development.

Telltale have found industry success as a result of their pop culture game adaptations, including the their hugely popular The Walking Dead series, and their take on properties such as Game of Thrones, Minecraft, Batman, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Recently, they announced a partnership with streaming giant, Netflix, who have gone from strength to strength over the years producing their own material. Perhaps the most success of Netflix’s productions has been Stranger Things, a nostalgic sci-fi homage to ‘80s cinema, that revolves around the strange happenings in a small American town.

The partnership between Netflix and Telltale has now resulted in a Stranger Things video game, in development for consoles and computers, which the company revealed through their official Twitter account.

Although there aren’t many details about the game at the moment, it is likely that the Stranger Things game will take on a similar episodic format that has already been so successful for the company in their Walking Dead game. What will be interesting is whether the player will be investigating an entirely new mystery, or whether they’ll be facing the same kind of foes that we’ve seen in the series.

While the contained setting of Hawkins and the mystery-driven narrative are ideal for Telltale Games, the unique charm of Stranger Things often comes from the characters themselves and the tone and atmosphere that the Duffer Brothers create in each episode, so it remains to be seen whether these features can be translated into a video game format.

More news of Telltale’s Stranger Things as we have it.

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