Returning star Joel Kinnaman, a.k.a. Rick Flag, says Suicide Squad 2 will be “more grounded” than the original. The sequel has reportedly set a production start date of fall 2018, eyeing a 2019 release.

Gavin O’Conner (Warrior, The Accountant) will take over writing and directing duties from David Ayer, and a recent social media post showed stars Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney, and Jay Hernandez, working out possibly in preparation for the sequel – sparking speculation that Hernandez’s El Diablo could be resurrected for Suicide Squad 2.

While Suicide Squad was largely panned by critics, it satisfied many fans as an introduction to the characters who they had been waiting to see on the big screen, and though there is still debate as to whether the film is actually any good, you can’t argue with the box office as the film made $746 million worldwide. So, naturally, Warner Bros. were all for a sequel.

Joel Kinnaman recently spoke to Yahoo! about his upcoming Netflix series, Altered Carbon, and during the interview, he briefly discussed Suicide Squad 2. When asked what he believed went wrong with the film, Kinnaman replied bluntly, “the third act.”

The actor then went into some depth about the differences we could see in the sequel:

“It was a great set-up. Great characters. I think that when we do a second one I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see more of a grounded version of the film. I think the characters are so extreme, so I think it could be more effective if we’re seeing them with maybe less sorcery. Because the characters become more extreme if you see them in conjunction with more real people.”

It’s interesting that Kinnaman should flag the third act as the problem with the film, as this opinion was shared by fans and critics alike, as many believed that the battle against Enchantress was both over-the-top and altogether too quick and easily solved. Many who enjoyed the film even found this ending to be too much, with director David Ayer admitting that Suicide Squad would be better served using Jared Leto’s Joker as the main antagonist, rather than the sorceress.

Evidently, this is something that O’Conner is taking into account in the sequel, as a more grounded approach will likely be better to contrast the larger-than-life characters in the squad. In fact, one of the few positives those who didn’t enjoy the original pointed out was the scene of the team in the bar before their final mission. Let’s hope Suicide Squad 2 will offer up more chances for the characters to interact and play off of each other in a less surreal setting.

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