Another day, another Suicide Squad trailer. This time it’s the ‘Blitz’ version.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that the in last ‘important’ trailer they released they used Bohemian Rhapsody to promote the film; alas this time they’re using Ballroom Blitz by glam rock super group The Sweet. I ask the marketing big wigs at Warner Bros. one thing: can you please stop desecrating classic tracks by using them to propel interest your movies? We get it. You have very little confidence this is going to be a natural success so you amplify the promotional campaign by making the trailers look more appealing and interesting then they are by using great songs from great musicians.

The first teaser for this movie was dark, mysterious and lightly touched on the story. It gave us hope that was going to be interesting story. The second was the first official trailer and it was certainly different from the first that it was much more energetic and we could finally see the Joker in his post-grunge/US punk make up and get up. It also gave us further insight into the characters. And that’s what this movie should be – a character driven story about bad guys doing good as long as their government says they are but have a tonne of fun along the way. Admittedly, this movie looks like it will be quite funny, action heavy, sexy, and while they’re at it, filled with lots of cheesy one liners but I still worry.


Is that what Hollywood studio bosses think we want? Okay. Let’s be fair. We do want comedy; it lifts the story away from being too dark and drab. We do want action and to see a hail of bullets to entertain us. We do want sexy – sexy and sex sells. And having the salacious Margot Robbie in the role of the psychotically cute Harley Quinn helps but the writers and director have clearly upset a lot – and I mean A LOT – of the purists (coming from the Batman Animated Series where she made her first appearance) as the style and characterisation has been completely misunderstood.

Yet, what we don’t want is to be messed around and sold a story to fill in a gap in the DCCU (cinematic universe) to satiate our taste buds with action drivel without fuelling us with actual characters and backgrounds. It’s not always about powers and blowing stuff up.

So who are these lucky powered criminals and what do the government want with them?

Rick Flag Jnr. (Joel Kinnaman): son of is war hero father and a military strategist and demolitions expert.
Enchantress (Cara Delavigne): as the trailer says “is possessed by a witch” and so harnesses various magical abilities
Killer Croc (Adawale Akinnuoye-Agbaje): a Man/Crocodile and a temperament to match
Diablo (Jay Hernandez): can project intense levels of fire
Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie): former psychologist turned crazy anarchist and murderer with a mallet and a smile
Boomerang (Jai Courtney): an aggressive Aussie that uses bladed boomerangs in his attacks. Loves beer.
Deadshot (Will Smith): a master marksman and assassin
Slipknot (Adam Beach): master assassin and weilder of ropes (sounds kinky)
Katana (Karen Fukuhara): expert martial artist and swordswoman
The Joker (Jared Leto): a psychopathic murderer and arch-villain to Batman
Amanda Waller (Viola Davis): the head and founder of the group. A hard ass and determined to use the team to do the governments bidding.


The team was once known as Task Force X (check out the amazing episode of Justice League Unlimited of the same name for more) and were created as a super-villain work programme to reduce their sentence. The name changed to match the way the authorities thought of them as being expendable. This explains why the line-up turnaround is always so varied and dysfunctional.

Beyond the villains what I am looking forward to is David Ayers direction, which if anything like is other works – Street Kings, End of Watch, Sabotage – should come with an ounce of grit as well drama.

Come check out our review when it’s released.

Suicide Squad
Director: David Ayer
Writer: David Ayer
Cast: see above
Released: August 5th, 2016.

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