From the hub of Rocky franchise updates, Sylvester Stallone’s Instagram, the actor has announced today that upcoming sequel Creed 2 has found its director. Spoiler: It’s him.

Rocky himself will step behind the camera on Creed 2, Stallone announced via Instagram. The Oscar-nominated actor has had experience directing on Rocky II, III and IV, as well as 2006’s Rocky Balboa. To announce the news, Stallone shared a picture of himself with actor Michael B. Jordan on the Creed red carpet back in 2015:

But, wait! There’s more.

Stallone will also writing, producing and co-starring in Creed 2. Not much is known about the sequel, apart from the little titbits that Stallone has been sharing over social media. He has revealed that the sequel to Ryan Coogler’s film will begin filming in 2018, as well as releasing two handwritten pages from his 439-page(!) script.

This is an exciting development for Rocky fans, as Creed was the only film in the franchise not to be written by Stallone, instead being written by director Coogler and Aaron Covington. We can also expect Dolph Lundgren’s Ivan Drago to return – and even get in the ring with Rocky, as Stallone teased: “You know I gotta hit Drago once.”

If you’re a fan of the Rocky franchise, and you’re not following Stallone on Instagram – you really should be, as he’s bound to be dishing out more Creed 2 updates in the coming months.


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