Sylvester Stallone has teased a ‘savage’ Rambo 5 announcement coming soon, and the imminent return of his iconic character in a belated sequel.

While the years have seen Stallone return to Rocky many times, the actor seems to have been a little more reluctant to return to Rambo. A potential fifth film was scrapped in 2009, and would have seen the titular character tasked by the government to hunt down a savage creature that was grown in a lab.

While the blending of horror and action did seem like an interesting prospect, Stallone backed off quickly when the idea saw a massive amount of fan backlash. Instead, a second concept was considered, involving Rambo hunting down a Mexican cartel when the kidnap his friend’s daughter.

Over the years, the status on Rambo 5 has changed numerous times, and at one point, Stallone had even officially backed out of the project. Now, as the sequel heads towards a start date, the star has taken to Instagram to tease an announcement:

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… A SAVAGE RISING! … soon .

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It’s encouraging that they have taken so long to settle on the project, as while Stallone believed that the final scene of the last film was a fitting send off for the character, he wanted to be sure that if there was to be another sequel, it had to be a story worth telling. Perhaps they have finally found the perfect way for Rambo to make another big screen appearance.

More news on Rambo 5 when we have it.

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