Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi has boarded Apple’s Time Bandits TV adaptation of Terry Gilliam’s film.

Waititi will co-write and direct the pilot for the series, which is set to be co-produced by Anonymous Content, Paramount Television, and Media Rights Capital. He will also executive producer alongside Gilliam and Dan Halstead.

Last summer, Apple made a deal for the rights to the 1981 fantasy, which has been described as “a dark, irreverent adventure about imagination, bravery and the nature of our dreams. It follows the time-traveling adventures of an 11-year-old history buff named Kevin who, one night, stumbles on six dwarfs who emerge from his closet. They are former workers of the Supreme Being who have stolen a map that charts all the holes in the space-time fabric, using it to hop from one historical era to the next in order to steal riches. Throughout the movie, they meet various historical and fictional characters, including Napoleon Bonaparte and Robin Hood, while the Supreme Being simultaneously tries to catch up to them and retrieve the map.”

And given that description, it’s safe to say that Waititi is probably the best choice for the job, given that both he and Gilliam have a predilection for the more bizarre and unusual stories.

More on Apple’s Time Bandits series when we have it.

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