Yes, there’s another Robin Hood adaptation on the way. However, it’s unlikely to be like any before it, as Entertainment Weekly have revealed some of the first images from Otto Bathurst’s forthcoming film.

The Peaky Blinders director is no stranger to a gritty story, and this was something he knew to take into Robin Hood. Speaking to EW in April, from the film’s set in Budapest, Bathurst explained, “You don’t become a legend for 800 years if you’ve just stolen a few bags of money from rich people to give to the poor […] In my mind, Robin Hood was this sort of seriously militarized anarchist revolutionary, a freedom thinker and a truth seeker. And the more I got into the story, it just became startling how utterly relevant it is to what’s going on in society now.”


This sentiment is something that his leading man, Kingsman star Taron Egerton, shares. “I was approached not long after the first Kingsman movie had come out, and my initial response, to be totally honest, was ‘Why?’ [But] Otto told me he wanted to do something entirely revisionist, something that can’t be tied down to a medieval universe. The first act of the movie, these scenes crusading in Syria, were written like something from The Hurt Locker. It was fantastic, and that was enough to convince me.”

And it’s not just Egerton bringing star power to this iteration of Robin Hood, as the supporting cast is filled with some pretty big names. The Knick’s Eve Hewson is playing love interest Maid Marian, while Robin’s Merry Men take the form of Jamie Foxx (Little John), Jamie Dornan (Will Scarlet) and Tim Minchin (Friar Tuck), opposed by Peaky Blinders alum Paul Anderson (Guy of Gisborne) and resident in-demand bad guy Ben Mendelsohn (Sheriff of Nottingham).

robin hood 3

Mendelsohn is keen not to simply copy the performance of the late Alan Rickman, who took on the role of Sheriff in 1991’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and still defines the role for many. “I ain’t gonna be outdoing him,” the star admitted, “That performance is a delightful tour de force, and I knew and loved the man. But I get a kick out of [sharing it], and I think he would have too.”

Foxx is already a big fan of Mendelsohn’s performance, “He’s venomous. So good. There are some people that can just whup your ass. Him, Samuel Jackson, Viola Davis: ass whuppers,” and he also revealed that Bathurst’s version of the story allowed the actors a certain amount of freedom, “I wanted to be part of it because it’s hood, not Robin Hood. He’s making it new and interesting, and it gives it weight.”

Robin Hood is set for release in September 2018.

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