While fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel Studios is working on the next step in the MCU. And though a number of the projects are being kept firmly under-wraps, we do know that a Black Widow movie is on the way, and it seems that we may now know who the film’s villain will be.

There have been conflicting reports on what the Scarlett Johansson-starrer will be about, and with the film looking to begin filming in June this year, we should get an inkling soon. But, now WeGotThisCovered has apparently confirmed that Taskmaster (based on the Ultimate version) will be the villain of the piece, with a trusted source telling them that the studio is looking at Moonlight’s André Holland for the part.

andre holland

André Holland

Taskmaster is perhaps one of the more high-profile Marvel villains to have never made an appearance on the big screen. His gift is perfect muscle memory, meaning that all he need do to learn a new fighting style is watch someone else use it. With this skill, the character becomes an expert swordsman, martial artist, marksman and athlete.

Since his introduction into the Marvel Universe, Taskmaster has observed and learned skills for all kinds of heroes, including Hawkeye’s bow skills, the Punisher’s firearm abilities, and Daredevil’s athletic skill, to name just a few. However, interestingly, the one character he cannot mimic is Deadpool, as the Merc with a Mouth is so inherently unpredictable.

With these skills in mind, it’s easy to see how Taskmaster would be a perfect adversary to Black Widow, the highly-trained and skilled assassin, potentially matching her hand-to-hand combat and weapons skills through the film and therefore forcing her to adapt her fighting style in new ways.

As well as Holland, the studio has also been looking at Harry Potter actress Emma Watson and Fighting With My Family star Florence Pugh for leading roles in the film, though as is standard for Marvel, we have no idea what roles they could be set for.

More on Black Widow when we have it.

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