Batman: The Enemy Within is the second season of Telltale’s Batman series which launched last year. The second season looks to introduce a whole bunch of new characters when it launches on August 8. Telltale have released a brand new trailer showing fans what they can expect from the caped crusader this time around.

Most notable is the introduction of The Riddler this time around, and he’s quite a sadistic take on the character. Taking cues from Jigsaw, The Riddler has his own set of murderous contraptions at his disposal. His trademark ego is still front and centre though with him exclaiming “I am Death” at one point. Amanda Waller and the Joker also feature, rounding out what looks to be an action packed continuation of the critically acclaimed series.

Batman: The Enemy Within launches August 8 for PS4, Xbox One and PC with a mobile release coming later in early October. Check out the trailer below!


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