When it was released back in 2016, Pokemon Go! was an unstoppable phenomenon, with millions of millennials acting out their childhood dreams of catching Pokemon in the wild – but crowfunded project, Temtem, is doing what fans had hoped that Pokemon would do for years – an MMO.

Temtem revolves around catching and battling creatures caught in the wild – yes it sounds familiar but bear with us.

Each of the Temtem is a specific type of creature, and tamers can have up to six Temtem in their team at once. Battles are turn-based, and Crema, the Spanish developer behind the project is first to admit that the game is indeed inspired by Pokemon, but with this, they also acknowledge that there are more than a few differences between the two.

temtem 3

Obviously, Temtem is an MMO, meaning that you can and will run into other players on your travels through the towns of the game’s six floating island, and you can even team up with others to take on the game as a team. And, with an MMO, there must be player housing, so you will be able to collect furniture and accessories for your home as you explore the world and strive to defeat eight Dojo leaders.

temtem 2

On Kickstarter, Temtem has already managed to raise over £100,000 from nearly 3000 backers (at time of publication) and those numbers are only set to grow on the campaign’s final month of fundraising. You can donate as little as $1 (around 75p) and receive a hi-res digital wallpaper pack, and pledging $20 (about £15) or more will get you the game when it launches on Early Access.

Check out more about Temtem, and pledge here.

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