It looks like production on the next major Marvel movie, Doctor Strange, is going smoothly in New York City as Benedict Cumberbatch (Strange) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Baron Mordo) take the lead of what looks like an imminent fight in these images. Cue the action…


For those that have never heard of the character before, Doctor Strange tells the story of Stephen Strange, an amazing but arrogant surgeon who, after surviving a horrific car accident loses the use of his hands. He travels to the Himalayas to find an ancient figure, who trains him in mastery of magic and sorcery to become the Sorcerer Supreme and defend the Earth from mystical evils.

It’s great to see that both Strange and Mordo appear aesthetically correct in their robes and various artefacts of power. Cumberbatch’s face is strong and composed much like the character is in the comics.

10293625_10209045455319945_8000860099004182760_o FB_IMG_1459622229075

Draped around his neck is the ubiquitous Eye of Agamotto. Here it is covered by the same curvaceous design as the rose on the roof of his New York town house, which is not shown in the comics.

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If these visuals are anything to go by this movie will certainly be one to watch.

Doctor Strange, directed by Scott Derrickson, is out 28th October 2016

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