During the San Diego Comic Con, over the past weekend, it was announced that the title for the upcoming Flash movie is Flashpoint. The story will be adapted to the big screen from the famous and controversial storyline pinned by Geoff Johns.

After Barry Allen goes back in time to save his mom, the whole timeline shifts. Bruce Wayne is killed as a boy; Thomas Wayne assumes the mantle of the Batman. Aquaman is a tyrannical King of the seven seas and is at war with the Queen of the Amazons, Wonder Woman. The remaining cast of the DCU’s stories was also altered. Johns’ storyline was first adapted for a made for DVD release called Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, which broadly covered what occurred in this alternative timeline. The outcome of this had significant consequences for the DC Universe. After Flashpoint, all the characters appeared to be 10 years younger, their legacies were forgotten, and the rest of it was just weird.

In the upcoming cinematic release, Barry Allen doesn’t appear to be the forensic scientist the new comics have him portraying but rather as a young man who seems to be finding his way. Ezra Miller will be the hero but will not have any correlation with the TV version of this character. In fact, they will appear to operate in completely separate universes. The overall approach that Ezra plans to take is to explore Barry’s humanity in all of this and getting beneath his layers to provide a much more textured representation of The Flash. What will be interesting to see is how much of Barry’s humanity will play out on the big screen.

The movie is slated for cinematic release in 2020. The scarlet speedster has his work cut out for him. Godspeed

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