We’ve all dreamed of flying at least once in our lives, but who here can say they’ve imagined being a fly? Or, perhaps, of being chased around the room by the booming voice of Brian Blessed? The developers at Rusty Tiger Ltd. certainly have, and have manifested their imagination into their exciting and unique debut game, The Golden Turd, which is set to hit the steam shelves in late 2017.

Set through the lens of a selection of bugs and classes, players must battle against one another to harvest the most food on a miniscule battlefield in order to achieve the ultimate glory; the Golden Turd. We had a chat with Joe Park from the creative team and asked him for some insight into the inner workings of the project, especially some of the unique opportunities which playing as a non-humanoid character may provide.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about playing as a fly is, of course, flight around an extensive and massive human world as a literal ‘fly on the wall’. Of course, the team has taken into account the challenges that a free-flight game may impose, and has consequently created an inventive way by which to encourage landing in certain game modes. Accordingly, Joe explained that in an early test they “limited the flight with a rechargeable meter, but if you can find some spilt energy drink this will give you a longer boost of flight stamina. We’re going to allow the player/server admin to decide what type of game they’d enjoy playing most and give them the options for free flight or stamina/flight boost.”

A particularly interesting game mechanic featured in the preliminary expectations of the game is the class-system, with each bug providing different skills and possibilities. So far, the team has plans for 7 different classes, each with a male and female option – a hurrah for all female players of shoot-em-up games. The classes thus far are;
• Grunt – Standard blue-bottle, blue-collar fly.
• Ninja – Agile and swift stealth fighter. Whilst their defense capability is low, their ability to leap and fly over immense distances makes them a formidable foe.
• Engineer – These flies ride into battle on a baby Grub which doubles as a mobile turret and depository for collected resources, and also has the ability to disable traps.

Artwork for the Heavy Class "Bloat" bug

Artwork for the Heavy Class “Bloat” bug

• Heavy Duty – the Bloat fly teams up with huge beetles for defense, wearing them as a sort of armor to shield their gluttonous backs against attacks as they lumber along, firing their high powered weapons.
• Firefly – the effective Firestarter of the group, the Firefly has the ability to leave near invisible gas trails, which they can later ignite to trap and surprise opponents.
• Archer – with pin-point accuracy, the Archer is the sniper of the crew, wielding a rubber-band and paper clip projectile firing bow.
• Psycho – driven mad by their supernatural mind-control skills, the psycho can command other insects to do their will while on the field.

Upon release, the team developing The Golden Turd are aiming to have 10 main level, with a potential for even more if they meet their stretch goals in their Kickstarter. Joe also explained how they intend to open up the game to Steam Workshops, giving the gaming community the opportunity to “play the game the way they want to play it.” Within the levels, all objects will also be destructible, and in certain game modes the food will begin to decay, meaning the heat is on for teams to harvest as quickly as possible.

See the world through the many eyes of flies!

See the world through the many eyes of flies!

A fly, of course, has a short life, so players shouldn’t get too attached to any particular incarnations of their favourite class… especially when humans are in the picture. Joe tells us how the human (Brian Blessed) will become enraged at some point during levels and reach for the bug spray and fly swatter, at which point players should “forget the mission and forget fighting the other team, as it will be a barrage of swats from the human, so it’s best to stay hidden or die fighting”

When I asked Joe if he had any parting comments on the game and its development, he told me that all the team want at the end of the day is a game that’s “fun, which makes you laugh. So many games today are serious [and] hyper realistic, which is great because they are amazing games, but we wanted to go in the other direction and have some fun along the way”. If you want to support the development of this game through the Kickstarter so it can achieve its full potential, there are some awesome pledge prizes from the team, from T-Shirts and art books to a meet-up with Brian Blessed!

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