Many of us have probably found ourselves not wanting a comic con to end, but The Long Con from Oni Press explores the idea of what a never-ending con might look like.

Written by Ben Coleman and Dylan Meconis, The Long Con imagines a world where – five years prior to the events of the comic series, saw a cataclysmic event destroy everything within a 50-mile radius of the Los Spinoza Convention Centre during the world’s biggest comic book convention. What those outside this range didn’t realise, is that the con-goers survived, and the show just went on, and on, and on.

When those outside the event learn the truth, one reporter is sent to investigate, due to a personal connection he has to the story – after all, five years earlier, he had been sent to cover the show, but escaped it thanks to dumb luck. However, what happened to the friend that he left behind?

Artist EA Denich calls The Long Con “a love letter to all the pop culture we hold near and dear in our dorky little hearts — it’s a book about nerds, by nerds, for nerds.”

What could be better?

The Long Con will be released on July 25th.

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