The Nintendo Switch has become a nesting ground for a number of quirky, colourful and generally spectacular indie titles. Soon to join the star-studded “Nindie” ranks is an RPG that begins where most end. Developed by Nippon Itchi Software, the kooks behind Disgaea, The Longest 5 Minutes thrusts you into the bosom of the final boss, with no clue as to how you got there. The game unfolds during this climactic tussle, as you slowly recall the memories of your journey at it’s conclusion.

Using the power of “Reexperience”, you use a memory album to revisit scenes from the quest that brought you here, gaining XP and gold as is traditional alongside Reexperience Points, that power you up for the final fight you’re facing. The more you recall, the more powerful you become, points also available through a number of mini-games.

With a charming pixel-art style that nods to Earthbound and a smidge of Danganronpaesque flavour peppered throughout the trailer, the game looks to be a sumptuous addition to the Nintendo eshop and a resolute must for all RPG fans.

The Last 5 Minutes is due to be released Feburuary 13th 2018.

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