From Sabotage Studios comes The Messenger, a Metroidvania-style Ninja platformer which combines gorgeous 8-bit and 16-bit visuals.  The game is in development for PC and consoles and is aiming for a late-2018 release date.

The cool little twist in The Messenger is that players will be taken forward in time which will bring with it a shift from 8-bit to 16-bit art style. The Messenger wears its wacky heart on its sleeve with over the top, colourful characters ranging from low-level goons to formidable bosses. Replay value is at the core of the experience with upgrades carrying through to multiple playthroughs which in turn unlock hidden areas and secrets.

The Messenger has previously received industry recognition among the indie game community winning the Best Music Award and Best Gameplay Design Award at the Montreal Independent Games Festival in November 2017.

You can (and should!) check out the trailer below and be sure to stay tuned to find out exactly which consoles The Messenger will backflip onto when it releases later this year.

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