A new fan theory has suggested that the next Assassin’s Creed game could be set in Japan, following Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s jaunt to Ancient Greece.

Since the franchise began in 2007, gamers have travelled through the Italian Renaissance, to the French Revolution, through Egyptian civilisation to Victorian London, and though they currently have 10 titles under their belt and another on the way, the franchise is far from out of ideas.

The series already alluded to Japan, with Clay Kaczmarek cryptically writing “Yonaguni” before his death, so Ubisoft may now be ready to journey to an entirely new land.

At the start of Assassin’s Creed III, Redditor DoktahManhattan spotted a clue for where Ubisoft could be heading in the future. Though the 2012 game was set in the Colonial Era, three symbols were shown in the opening which now appear to elude to the franchise’s future.

In the image below you can see that the first image is the Eye of Horus (Origins), followed by the Greek symbol Omega (Odyssey) and a final symbol which appears to be a torii – a gate which is usually seen near sacred sites in Japan:

assassins creed iii symbols

While there hasn’t been any confirmation to a follow-up game to Odyssey, these symbols do appear to suggest that Japan could be next on the list. There’s plenty of potential with the location, so it’s only really a matter of time before we see the idea come to fruition.

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