Developer Scarecrow Arts have announced that their hack and slash puzzle adventure The Story Goes On will be launching out of Early Access and onto Xbox One on February 14. The game blends rogue like elements to produce randomly generated top down environments. Players find themselves in an unfinished storybook of a crazed author and must navigate an endless maze called The Odyssey.

Xbox One players will have access to an exclusive local co-op mode in which they can buddy up to face exploding bunnies, devilish puzzles and fiendish traps. Players can now experience the Spooky Mansion, Spider Infested Dungeons and a perilous Mine Shaft as they hack ‘n slash their way through an intimidating lineup of new and powerful bosses which have all been added since the game premiered on Steam Early Access back in 2015.

In co-op, both players begin with own standard health pool with three hearts and when depleted, they die. The living player can then split his health in half and share it with his previously dead partner. Players must gamble on whether or not to go it alone at full strength or share with their ailing buddy.

The Story Goes On has always been a hugely ambitious project, and the Early Access community have been incredibly helpful in refining our vision. What makes this game so special is the ability for each player to experience something truly unique, from the soundtrack, to the environments to the combat and puzzles, everyone’s story will be theirs alone.” Said Malcolm Smith, CEO at Scarecrows Arts.

While most of the world is randomly generated, inside each area exists a pre-designed dungeon that introduces new mechanics, enemies and story elements into the main game. There’s 20+ bosses to conquer, 50+ items to make use of and an original soundtrack adapts during gameplay to match the pace of battle.

The game has been locked in as an Xbox exclusive so unfortunately won’t be making its way to other platforms.

Check out gameplay for the game below and be sure to stay tuned for more coverage as we get it.

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