Behold, true believers – a new live action Teen Titans series is about to come forward.

At SDCC17, Akiva Goldsman and Geoff Johns touched on what’s in store with the upcoming series. These are exciting times for fans of the New Teen Titans comic series from the eighties. The core group of super teens included Robin, Starfire, Raven, Changeling (Beast Boy), Cyborg, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash. This series knocked the socks off the fans that didn’t know what to expect. The previous incarnation was filled with weak, lacklustre story lines that seemed to focus on the fact that they were more like the Junior Justice League than anything else. That all changed with the new series. In fact, in The New Teen Titans issue 4, Robin told the Justice League-rs what for. What a moment that was. Since then, the group soared to great heights. Robin gave up the mask and became Nightwing and Kid Flash had heart problems. Marv Wolfman and George Perez humanised all of these characters in ways that DC had not done before. Cyborg was crushing on Sarah Sims, Donna Troy discovered herself and got married to hunky Terry Long (who sported the hipster look long before the Shoreditch crowd did), Raven fought her literal inner demon, Changeling corrected people who still called him Beast Boy, Kid Flash wanted to just be a small town guy again and Starfire landed a modelling career.


Since then, various incarnations of the Teen Titans have been told on television and made for DVD movies with various line-ups in animated form. That is until now.

With this new live action series, the stage is set, the location has been nailed down and some of the core characters have been cast. In this incarnation, the team consists of Nightwing, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire. Cyborg is now a Justice League-r, but it would have been really cool for him to be back with this team. The premise is that a young group of soon-to-be-heroes need to find their way in this world. Dick Grayson becomes their leader and the rest will unfold over time. Hopefully more Titan alumni will join the team.

The filming starts on September 25th 2017 in Toronto, Canada. This series will be available on DC’s and WB’s new streaming service.

DC could have another winner on their hands. More updates to come – until then, Godspeed.

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