In 1979 director Walter Hill brought us his tale of a one New York gang’s way of life and their survival during one night to cinema audiences. It was dark, funny and quite unconventional for the time. It had a limited released and seen by small clusters of viewers it built up a cult following over the years. Actor James Remar went on to star in numerous films and TV shows, such as 48 Hours and Sex and the City, making a name for himself while Hill produced the Alien series of movies and directed classics such as Red Heat, Last Man Standing and Geronimo: An American Legend. This gang were called The Warriors.

The opening scenes sets the premise and sees nearly all the gangs of New York come together one night by a charismatic leader to pledge a truce and find unity among the rivalling clans, Yet, when the man is killed by a hidden gang-banger, opposing the notion of peace, the finger of blame is pointed at The Warriors. Scurrying away to safety without their own leader they have to make their way back to their home turf in Coney Island while going up against a number of gangs, some colourfully named The Rogues, The Saracens, Jones Street Boys, Moon Runners, Van Courtland Rangers, along the way.

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Hill based the script on Sol Yurick’s book of the same title, which in turn was loosely based on Anabasis, a story written by Greek professional mercenary and writer Xenophon and much like how the story courted controversy in ancient times (due to portrayal of social violence) it was a product of the time.

And now, at the height of film reboots and TV adaptations Marvels very own Russo Brothers, Paramount Pictures and Hulu will be bringing the Warriors to TV, but is it a platform already overly saturated with programme schedules?
The Warriors will honor the original film while adding its own unique brand of grit, pulp, sex and violence”, says writer Frank Baldwin.

The Russo’s already have an eclectic list of TV and movie credits with shows to their names, like Community, Happy Endings, Arrested Development, comedy movie You, Me and Dupree and superhero actioners Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War. Their dance card fills up each day. They will have to see through several other productions as well two more major Marvel movies. The Warriors too? Rather them than me.

How will the show work if they follow the same premise of the original movie? Will a major leader again be murdered, they get blamed for it and the run around New York City and the suburbs to clear their names? It could be another Fugitive with a brothers-in-arms twist. The volume of the cast could be large too with different members of various gangs making for great ensemble acting.

No release date, number of episodes or cast is known yet, but let’s be honest, the one line we want to hear is what will set the standard the fans are yearning for. So, will the “Warriors…come out to plaaaa-aay?

We’ll let you know everything as it’s released.

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Directed by: Walter Hill
Writer: Sol Yurick (his novel)
Starring: James Remar, Michael Breck, David Harris, David Patrick Kelly
Released: February 1st 1979

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