Murder-mystery game Thimbleweed Park has finally got a release date on consoles. It will launch August 22 for PS4, with a Nintendo Switch release coming in September.

The developers took to the PlayStation blog to break the news where they outlined the game’s influences which include Twin Peaks, X Files, Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. Thimbleweed Park is a modern pint and click adventure game which has players investigating a murder as Agents Ray and Rayes. The dead body is the least of your concerns however as the game takes a serious turn for the weird and introduces characters like “Ransome (a clown), Delores (a wannabe game designer), and Franklin (a dead pillow salesman)”

The game is also in development for IOS and Android and will support both Joy-con and touch controls when it launches on Nintendo Switch. You can check out a clip of the game running on the Switch below:


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