The Electronic Entertainment Expo is back in LA this year, and Renaissance PR are heading over to represent Daedalic Entertainment’s new release State of Mind.

A futuristic thriller, delving into transhumanism, the game explore themes of separation, disjuncture, and reunification in a world torn between a dystopian material reality, and a utopian virtual future. Check out the trailer below:

In 2048 Berlin, the world is on the brink, lacking resources, and falling victim to illnesses caused by polluted air and water, rising crime and war. The governments promise remedies through technological progress – drones and humanoid robots replace humans in the public sector, everything is interconnected, and surveillance has become omnipresent.

But Richard Nolan is one of the few journalists to openly criticise this development, and when he wakes up in a hospital, finding that his wife and son have mysteriously vanished, he realises that he and his family are at the centre of a storm between those who live in a dystopian reality, fighting for humankind’s survival, and those who live in a digital utopia, welcoming a technological revolution.

You can find out the fate of humanity when State of Mind comes to E3, or if you aren’t lucky enough to have a ticket for the event, the game is available for pre-order now via Steam and GOG. Available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, State of Mind will be released later this year.

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