Thumper, the ultra-violent rhythm-game is making its way to Xbox One and will launch August 18. The game, which has been a massive critical success since its release on PC and PS4 last year, thrusts players into an LSD-tinged nightmare in which they guide a metallic beetle along rails while adhering to a beat. The game is an absolute blast in VR, topping many lists of best VR games last year and is also available in its standard form.

For the Xbox One release, developers have taken advantage of the Xbox controller’s impulse trigger vibrations which will respond intuitively to collisions and scrapes, and trust me there are many. The game recently released on Nintendo Switch back in May of this year so it seems Thumper is certainly hellbent on covering ever platform possible. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it lands on mobile devices any time soon.

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