Terminator tension

Following his work on Terminator: Dark Fate, director Tim Miller has revealed that he has no plans to work with James Cameron again in the future.

Cameron was producer on Dark Fate, and while the Oscar-winner has expressed an interest in pursuing a trilogy with the revival, it won’t be with Miller, as he told the California-based KCRW Radio that he wouldn’t work with Cameron again.

“It has nothing to do with whatever trauma I have from the experience, it’s more that I just don’t want to be in a situation again where I don’t have the control to do what I think is right,” he said. “Even though Jim is a producer and David Ellison is a producer and they technically have final cut and ultimate power, my name is still on it as director.”

He continued, “Even if I’m going to lose the fight… I still feel this obligation to fight because that is what the director is supposed to do. Fight for the movie.”

Cameron previously told Cinema Blend that “the blood is still being scrubbed off the walls” from the creative battles he and Miller had, he did reach out to the Dark Fate director when work on the film was completed.

The Deadpool director told KCRW, “I just got an email last week from Jim, who said, ‘I know we clashed a little bit. I put it all down to two strong, creative people with differences of opinion and I think it made the movie better.”

It doesn’t seem as though this opinion is shared by Miller.

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