Todd McFarlane, director of the upcoming Spawn reboot (and creator of the character) is going to be keeping production details under wraps, though he has revealed that a schedule is currently in place.

Since the new film adaptation was announced, production details have been few and far between, and now McFarlane has claimed that the news cycle will be closely guarded through the duration of the film’s production.

Speaking to ComicBook, the director emphasised he desire to stem the tide of production news, concerned that things like schedule changes risk affecting the expectations of both critics and fans – as they falsely imply that there are on-set issues, or that the film itself is in trouble:

“If because of an actor’s schedule, we got to move [the release date] or if for whatever reason, the shot takes a little longer, we got to move it. Then if you say too specifically what the day you give them, be a week or two weeks, then all of a sudden you’ll read an article somewhere, and people say, ‘It’s a troubled production! Troubled, troubled production!’”

Blumhouse is producing Spawn, and with a portfolio of successful horror films, they appear to be looking at Spawn in the same way, keeping the budget at a modest level, and “the scope of the script relatively contained.” As for McFarlane, he’s looking to focus on the film’s emotional content, and having Jamie Foxx in the lead role of Al Simmons/Spawn will no doubt help him in this mission.

Todd McFarlane also mentioned that they may hold back the film’s official release date until the first trailer is completed and released. And while the filmmaker has claimed that he’ll be sharing some details from the set, and “some fun of making a movie” the general message is that we will have to wait a lot longer to hear more about the film.

Spawn is currently in pre-production.

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