Square Enix Collective have revealed a new trailer for their upcoming anime-inspired point and click adventure game Tokyo Dark. You can watch the trailer below which puts its gorgeous anime art-style front and centre and adds in a good amount of creepy masks and psychological horror. There’s also a release date for it, Tokyo Dark will launch September 7 on PC.

The game takes inspiration from Shenmue and Heavy Rain and features a non-linear storyline where player decisions have an impact on how things play out. There are multiple endings and a narrative inspired by Japanese urban legends. Players take on the role of Detective Ayami Itō as she explores the streets of Tokyo in an attempt to find her missing partner; following leads, collecting clues and – most importantly – taking decisions that change her relationship with the city and its inhabitants. The game is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised raised more than CAD$225,000.

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