Not content with being synonymous with portraying a certain web-slinging wall-crawler Tom Holland has now been cast in role of young Nathan Drake in the upcoming game adaptation of Naughty Dog‘s stellar adventure franchise Uncharted.

With a young Drake being cast does that mean we will also get an older (more age-set) Nathan Drake too? Alas, nay. We can only imagine as having a young Nathan only could be seen as too reminiscent of the Young Indiana Jones and his stories.


After the poor reception Assassins Creed received from both fans and critics alike will this franchise also fall flat on our hopes, dreams and expectations for a great Uncharted film? Fans have been crying out for this to happen ever since it was suggested that Mark Wahlberg and Robert DeNiro had been heavily considered for Nathan and his cantankerous mentor and buddy Victor ‘Goddamn!’ Sullivan, way back in 2009. That would have been a wise pairing and partnership since both are age and appearance appropriate for the parts. Holland seems like a remodel of the character or at least coasting on the popularity of the kid and his deviant brother’s history together in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. With that aspect of the character this could involve a soppy backstory piece to the film, which may or may not be well received by fans who are likely more keen on seeing beautiful and distant lands, the crazy shenanigans he’ll get up to, the historical riddles he’ll solve, and may be the girls he’ll encounter along the way.

Stranger ThingsShawn Levy is set to direct Holland quite literally through the unknown landscapes and adventures of the cocky treasure ‘hunter’ so will there be an air of mystery, intrigue or mutated creatures from the hidden depths of the world in this story. Again, one can hope.

Were the casting bods at SONY Pictures so impressed by Holland’s nimble and dexterous performance of Umbrella on Lip Sync Battle that they knew they had to cast him then and there? Or were they so impressed by his performance in Spider-Man: Homecoming that they knew he was the one for the part?

It remains to be seen…

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