In every superhero story we see the good guys eventually defeat the bad guys and save the day. But, what this story very rarely goes into is the affect these battles take on our heroes. In the upcoming DC Comics series, Heroes in Crisis,writer Tom King delves deeper into the flawed nature of the hero.

King explained that the series is “about heroes who have to live through violence to save the world, and what that violence does to them. They make a sacrifice every time they go out to fight the bad guys. That sacrifice is at the heart of the series.”

He continued, “I want to speak about, and to, this New War generation, the millions of people who have fought bravely overseas and have come home to try to return to their normal lives. I want to talk about their hopes, their pains, their triumphs; I want to use DC’s heroes to tell their stories.”

heroes in crisis

At the centre of the series is Sanctuary, a secret retreat founded by Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman for suffering heroes, which uses Kryptonian technology to provide some therapy and closure to those superheroes after their continued battles to save the day.

However, when a mass murder happens within the sanctuary itself, the story becomes both a murder mystery and an exploration as to whether it is possible to return the Sanctuary to the safe and secure location it once was.

“In that way, I’m writing about this moment in our history. We felt safe. We had security. Then something went horribly wrong. Is it possible to repair that? To fight that?” King explained.

Heroes in Crisis will centre around Harley Quinn and Booster Gold, both of whom King describes as being “survivors” and both of whom find themselves suspects in the murder investigation.

Heroes in Crisis launches on September 26th.

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