Want to date, but also don’t? Well worry not, as the game industry has you covered. Dating simulation games allow us to live the dream through only the power of decision-making, while also breaking down that fourth wall to share a laugh with you.

Not sure what we’re talking about, or just want to take your first step into an unknown genre? We’ve got a list of the top 10 dating sims out there:

Fate/Stay Night

The Game of Thrones of dating sims, Fate/Stay Night is the longest of all these games, sparing no detail, at over 800,000 words. Seven magi summon Heroic Spirits to fight to the death in Japan and you must decide whether you will pledge your loyalty to the noble Saber, team up with an intelligent classmate, or surrender yourself to a girl that calls you “senpai.” With 45 different endings across three routes, Fate/Stay Night is probably the most challenging game on the list.



A fairytale story – with added revenge! Will you be able to rescue your late father’s estate from the clutches of your evil stepmother? Make a deal with the mysterious Lady of the Lake and steal away your Prince Charming, be he a prince, knight or merchant, from the Grand Ball. Be the queen you choose to be – the power is yours for the taking.


Coming Out on Top

Taking place after you come out to your best friends, this game sees your character explore their sexual identity, as your roommates encourage you to pursue relationships with the most eligible bachelors around. However, if you choose to isolate yourself, you become unhealthily obsessed with your pet fish – and then the decision becomes flush your fish, romance him, or help him kill your friends. Yeah, it gets weird fast in this game.


Hatoful Boyfriend

Romance beautiful bird men as you play a student at St. PigeoNation’s Institute in a dystopian bird-led future. However, there isn’t just disturbing romance in Hatoful Boyfriend, as you must also battle Dark Bird Overlord, and stop him in his quest for genocide. Don’t fall for your nurse, though, as the side effects are deadly.



When you meet a magical love fairy called Kyu in a bar, she decides to help get you laid by playing Candy Crush. Honestly, this game is pretty much all about sex, as you get it on with a diverse cast of high quality CGs, and all the sound effects and voice acting you may or may not want.


Dream Daddy

You’ve probably heard about this game from social media, but in Dream Daddy you are a recently-widowed single dad with a teenage daughter with attitude. Complete mini-games like golf and fishing to compete against other single dads – but while you can enjoy dating the dads, you mustn’t forget your daughter’s needs.

There’s even a chance to discover a secret cult ending, and with it an 8th and final dateable dad – but you won’t know until you play.


Doki Doki Literature Club

If this game proves anything, it’s that adorable anime girls cannot be trusted, as what begins as an innocent visual novel quickly descends into darkness. You join an after school literature club with your childhood friend, Sayori, and though you write and share poetry together at the beginning, both the story and the gameplay itself quickly become far more disturbing, and soon the cute anime game you started to play becomes a terrifying psychological horror.


Emily is Away Too

Teenage angst is the name of the game in Emily is Away Too, as you date either Emily or Evelyn through an old school copy of AOL Instant Messenger. Though you’re forced to use the old Windows XP wallpaper, Facebook and YouTube pages, it only serves to draw you further into the game – but watch what you say, because these girls remember everything.


Purrfect Date

Want to live on a deserted island with a bunch of cats? Then we’ve got the game for you! Marketed as a “mating” simulator, the real story goes a little deeper, as you (a human research assistant) date talking cats and uncover the dark secrets of the mysterious Cat Island.


Monster Prom

The first dating sim of its kind, Monster Prom features local and online multiplayer as well as a single-player campaign. Like a Disney B-movie, the game’s objective is to get a date to your school prom, which is three weeks away. With the chance to create over 1000 unique scenarios through the game, you may become concerned at the amount of time you lose.

There you go, there’s a dating sim for everyone, and if you didn’t like the sound of any of these…well, dating sims probably aren’t for you.

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