Sashaying back into our lives after dancing though all circles of Heaven and Hell, Bayonetta 3 was announced earlier this month to be in development exclusively for the Switch, alongside a port of the prior two titles. With over the top weapons, intense visceral action and more ludicrous boss battles than you can shake a lethal stiletto at, expectations are high for the next instalment of the much loved angel-slaughtering romp. But what’s next? All we can do is speculate until more details trickle through, but for a game where the titanic maws of slobbering Infernals are given flesh through a Witch’s hair, very little is off the table. Here’s what we’d love to see from the next title.

  1. A Jeanne Campaign

Bayonetta 2 Jeanne


The perfect foil for Bayonetta, a rival in the first title and ally by the second, Jeanne stands in stark contrast to our leading lady. Whereas Bayonetta is a wild flurry of instinctive carnage, Jeanne is a far more precise and calculating creature, far fiercer than her delicate profile would suggest. The two bounce off each other perfectly and in long tradition, Jeanne is playable after completing the main campaign under various conditions. Players can then replay chapters as Jeanne, gameplay is tweaked to reflect her more refined combat style, but little else is. It would be great to finally see a separate campaign for her, or at least have dialogue tweaked or alternative bosses; she receives her own unique weapons and voice clips so to finally see her in a more fleshed out scenario would be a gift from above.

2. Where the Hell Next?



We’ve been to the gates of Paradisio and the very pits of Inferno, but where could we be taken next? With Norse inclinations throughout Bayonetta 2, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to imagine our witch of the hour tangling with the gods themselves, having already felled Loptr, why couldn’t Thor be next? Would we be fighting creatures beyond Christian depiction? There are so many cultures filled with so many creatures for Bayo to slice, dice and generally eviscerate, where would we start? A worldly sort of lass, anyone could be waiting in her little black book, from Goetian demons to Death himself, the world of Bayonetta is a broad one we’d love to see more of.

3. Let’s Dance Boys!


Combat is the crux of what makes a Bayonetta game, weaving weapon combos from punches, kicks, bullets, time bending, torture attacks and demons unleashed from her Wicked Weaves is addictively fluid. Combat was tightened and a Climax Ability (really) was added in Bayonetta 2, where players could choose on the fly, after racking up a large enough combo, to fell a single enemy with flair via a conjured torture device or lay waste on a crowd with a Climax. What new weapons are on the horizon? Could there be more combat options waiting in the wings? Perhaps Bayonetta could Climax in new and exciting ways, we’ll just have to wait and see!

4. amiibo Support 


Okay, this is a little obvious. With a trilogy of Bayonetta titles coming to the Switch and a duo of amiibo currently only compatible with Super Smash Bros., what can we expect these amiibos to unlock? New costumes? New modes? Could there perhaps be more Bayonetta amiibos on their way? It’s safe to say amiibos will play a part in both the latest installment and the ports coming soon.

5. By the Light of the Silvery Moon

For the love of Jubileus, make this happen Platinum! Following the trend of transmogrifying classic moon-themed ditties into pounding, angel-slaying anthems, this has to be next on the list. We’ve had Fly Me to the Moon, we’ve even had Moon River, now it’s time for the Doris Day classic to accent a witch’s assault.

So how do you feel? Are just as excited as us for the latest Bayonetta? What would you love to see in the next title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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