We met up with the hugely talented Brett Uren at this years Medway Comic and Screen Festival to tell us all about his latest title Torsobear which features a host of accomplished creators and artists.

SBOC: For the uninformed what or who is Torsobear?

BRETT UREN: The best elevator pitch I can give is that it’s Noddy meets True Detective. It’s an all-ages kid-friendly book in a storybook format but with gritty and hard boiled crime stories.

SBOC: So who is our protagonist in this dark tale?

BRETT: It primarily focuses on Ruxby Bear and his first foray into crime investigation with Toybear Police. When he finds a dismembered teddy – ‘Black Dahlia’-style – down an alley the story spirals out into a tale corruption in both the criminal underworld and mayors office.

SBOC: You mentioned the term “hard boiled”. Can we expect a Jon Woo-element anywhere in the story?

BRETT: Not here but there may be some gunplay in the second volume.

SBOC: It almost has the tone of Edge of Darkness.

BRETT: There are certainly parallels: one law maker trying to make a difference against a corrupt force, going totally out on his own. By the end of the first volume he’s moved on with his family and become somewhat of a lone wolf – I’ll leave it there so not to give any spoilers away.

SBOC: What motivated you to produce a comic with an incredible body of work from such a varied list of creators?

BRETT: I had been hitting the convention scene for a while when I realised that so many people starting out were in the cold with little guidance or money. I wanted to help my fellow creatives out there. Torsobear has helped a transgender guy pay his rent for a month, a couple in the States to afford some of the costs towards surgery, and equipment for a young primary school teacher when she was starting out. I am very proud of all of them and their stunning work, from the bigger parts to the smaller parts.
In retrospect so many people working to create a very unique world and give it a depth and detail I couldn’t possibly had achieved without them.

Torsobear [aa] Torsobear [e] Torsobear [f]

Torsobear [c] Torsobear [d]

SBOC: Thank you, Brett, for taking the time to talk to us today and we wish you every success with the title and future books of the title.

BRETT: Thank you! Was a pleasure.

Writers: Cy Dethan, Janos Honkonen (The Rocket Man from the Sea), Glenn Møane, Frank Martin Jr. (Modern Testament), Grainne McEntee (Apes n Capes, Bubbles O’ Seven), Brockton McKinney (Ehmm Theory, Deathcurse), Jon Scrivens (Little Terrors), Kieran Squires (The Hammer), Brett Uren, Jake Young, Jimmy Furlong (S**t Flingers), Ronald Montgomery, Edward R Norden, Peter Rogers, Dave Windett (The Beano, Bart Simpsons Joke Book), Grant Perkins (Doctor Who Adventures), Dwayne Hinkenbottom
Art by: Giles Crawford (Lowlives, Fubar), Randy Thomas Haldeman (The Jacket), Lee Killeen (Kaiju Steel, Above Us Only Sky), Peter Mason (Cancertown: Blasphemous Tumours), Matt Rooke (Apes n Capes, Bubbles O’ Seven), Jon Scrivens, Kieran Squires, Saoirse Louise Towler (Discworld Stamps), Brett Uren, Carlos Nicolas Zamudio (The Remains), Andrew Hartmann (S**t Flingers), Mike Motz (Children’s book: ‘Little Jimmy Says ‘Same is Lame’)
Edward R Norden, Renzo Rodriguez (Toxic Storm), Juan Romera (Strange Nation), Benjamin Ling
Colours: Faye Harmon (The Vale), Harold Saxon, Jon Scrivens, Charlie Hogg (The Hammer), Jimmy Kerast
Editors: Glenn Møane (Fubar, Indie Comics Horror), Brett Uren
Publisher: Toyburg Press in association to Dead Universe Publishing

Where to find/buy
Facebook/Twitter: search for ‘Brett Uren’
web: http://torsobear.com/

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