Release Date: 24th March 2017

The deadly and demonic Oni are laying siege to villages, making their way across the land. The Slayers take arms to stop them but one creature appears and opens a dark portal driving one Slayer 10 years into the future. With no memory of  what came before and how they got there they find themselves in the village of Mahoroba an encampment for humans…

“That was the night that the world fell into darkness…”

Toukiden 2 begins in the village of Mahoroba, where you can shop for essential items, take on quests against the Oni (guided by The Professor and Tokitsugu), quick-travel to key areas in the map, and run through the open world to find treasures. You can choose to take on these quests alone or with a party of up to 3 warriors of your choosing. Each weapon system offers a unique take on the game-play so much that switching between a charged-up chain whip and powerful Samurai swords can make aerial and wide combo attacks very entertaining and visually right.


It introduces a new power called the Demon Hand, invented by the Professor. You and your party can equip the Demon Hand to help create strategies in your battles by projecting a massive hollow monster claw out from an individuals hand. It acts and behaves very similar to the demon hand in games like Devil May Cry 4. Use it to aim at an Oni’s limbs to grab onto and hold them down as your party do damage upon them and even ‘fling’ your character closer to the monster to help take up any distance. It works great to incapacitate enemy bosses as you can weaken limbs of the enemy and pull them off using the demon hand which feels glorifying. Seriously, who doesn’t love to be flung in every once in a while?

Along with the Demon Hand, the game offers you to use Miasma; special cards to equip and boost your stats and performance for your journey. This ties into the story as you discover the time travel caused your player to absorb multiple fallen soldiers’ spirits who help aid you in your quest. Creepy.


Hack and slash games are dime-dozen these days and for a JRPG from industry powerhouses Koei Tecmo this game shouldn’t be all about how visually exciting it is but rather how all the elements of the game work together to produce a intense game filled with story, action and drama, no matter how fantastic – in to one. At times the story progression can feel sluggish and long winded as you try to understand the backstory and scroll an endless dialogue of conversations between each characters. And yet, the interactions between everyone are so charming that they bring the environments to life that you want to continue and learn more about them. What a conundrum.

There’s so much to offer here but it doesn’t stand out from the games that have done these mechanics before. For newcomers it can be a tad overwhelming, throwing out a mixed bag of controls and events at you from throughout. However, JRPGs-files will easily find love in this game with its fun-filled game-play and coverage of content.

RATING: 7 out of 10

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